Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oil cleansing- day 7

Yes, what you see there is oil in a contact case. Let the nightmares about accidentally putting my contacts in oil and being blind commence. I had to find a way to keep doing it even though I wouldn't be at home. Since this process involves about four different bottles of oil, I needed something to put just enough for one night in. I looked around at Fred Meyer and Target with no luck...everything was too big or wouldn't seal. So, in a moment of inspiration I realized I had something that was the perfect size and would seal tight. A contact case.

The oil cleansing went well at the hotel. I definitely like using other people's towels so I don't have to clean them. It had been kind of a long day and I had to be up early the next morning so I felt a little like skipping it. I stuck to my plan though and made it through the process, while realizing I wasn't too fond of the washing off part. It takes a long time, and I'm impatient and usually just want to hurry up and get to bed. I'm glad I'm not doing it every night.

I really do think the texture of my skin is improving. Between this and the charcoal mask my current breakout seems to be healing up ok and my face isn't dry like the rest of my body, so I think that's a good sign. So far I'm encouraged with my results and that will motivate me to keep it up.


  1. I used a contact case for lip balm but this is brilliant! I love reading positive results. I know that can inspire you to keep at it. I hope you eventually find that you love the whole process of nourishing your skin at night.

    1. oh lip balm, its the perfect size and you can have two flavors! I can see this is the beginning of many uses for my extra contact cases. Thanks for the encouragement! I hope i learn how to love it too. I think it would be super relaxing if someone was doing it for me, but I don't suppose matthew will agree to give me nightly facials...